The second cycle (master’s degree/2 yrs) study program Nursing builds upon the first cycle professional higher education study program Nursing and is in accordance with the Bologna reform. During the course of study, you will expand the skills you have previously acquired, and learn to look for new knowledge sources in the professional and scientific fields. You will also learn to apply scientific research method in the clinical environment, and to take responsibility for monitoring and improving clinical work. You will be able to run even the most demanding work systems and processes. Finally, you will develop your capabilities for critical thinking, taking on ethical and social responsibilities, and communication skills needed for managing teamwork and for education work in health care, mentorship, etc. In the second year of the program, the range of elective subjects is significant, giving you plenty of opportunities for developing your career goals in terms of combining theory, practice, and research; and a chance to broaden your knowledge in specific fields aimed at the problems of the modern society. The overall aim of the master's program Nursing is to promote, develop and put into practice evidence-based nursing. During the course of the study program you will develop and enhance your existing knowledge and skills for managing nursing and health care, so as to respond to the complex and ever-changing health care needs of the population. When your studies are completed, you will be competent experts, clinical researchers, change managers, efficient leaders, creative colleagues, coordinators, problem solvers and innovators, always making sure that the nursing and care provided are of the highest quality possible.

The second cycle (master’s degree/2 yrs) study program Nursing was developed by Slovenian and European experts who specialize in researching nursing and health care as part of their academic career. We guarantee that the subject matter taught is very relevant and that the program is implemented to meet the highest standards. We want to create and develop nursing in Slovenia with your help! By developing the second and third Bologna cycle study programs in Slovenia, we make it possible for nursing professionals to gain the knowledge and skills needed for advancement of nursing according to the needs of the healthy and the ill populations. With advanced education, nursing will develop into a scientific discipline, providing solid foundations for evidence-based practices in nursing.